Katie Holmes incredible Hollywood career revealed!

OMG! At Yaay we revealed that Katie is so smitten with her new boyfriend Emilio Vitolo Jr. We are so jealous of her fabulous romantic history.  But apart from dating Hollywood's best looking men, she made an incredible acting career for herself. Scroll down to discover more about this wonderful star!

  • Katherine “Katie” Noelle Holmes was born on December 18, 1978 in Toledo, Ohio.
  • The actress auditioned for “Dawson’s Creek” via videotape because she was not able to attend in person. She was acting in her high school’s production of Damn Yankees at the time.
  • She was married to superstar actor Tom Cruise from 2006 until they divorced in 2012.

Ok, you surely remember Katie Holmes for her marriage to Tom Cruise, but she's really famous for her acting Hollywood career too. Katie was launched to stardom in the late 90s in “Dawson's Creek” in her breakout role as Joey Potter.

Katie Holmes in Batman Begins - Source: Warner

We have loved her since her debut movie film as a teen in “The Ice Storm” and she was also wonderful in “Teaching Mrs. Tingle”. She played fantastic adult roles in memorable movies such as “Abandon” and “Phone Booth”.

Katie brilliantly found success in her performance as the leading female character in “Batman Begins”, the reinvigorated Batman franchise that was a huge blockbuster, commercially and critically acclaimed.

Katie Holmes/ Jamie Foxx / Tom Cruise - Source: Shutterstock

We gave you the exclusive at Yaay! that Kate feels so in love now that she doesn’t want to hide her passionate new romance with Emilio Vitolo Jr, the New Yorker chef who works at the famous restaurant Emilio’s Ballato. We are so pleased to see her happy with her new love!

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