The Kardashian-Jenner clan!

'KUWTK' moved to Netflix in a $200 million deal!

Fans of the reality TV series have been mourning the loss of the show since Kim announced its cancellation. Netflix UK and Ireland dropped the good news of the show moving to Netflix from the 1st of June, 2020. Read below to find out about the fans' reaction to the news!

  • The Kardashians family has always been a great source of entertainment for all of us.
  • Only 4 seasons of the show have been put up on Netflix up till now.
  • KUWTK may be ending, but the famous family will continue to inspire us on our streaming services. 
  • Check out some iconic moments from the show in the video below!
The show was set to land on Netflix at the beginning of June. Fans were treated to a dose of nostalgia. As soon as the first four seasons came on Netflix, there was a request for the whole show to be on it, from the fans.
That means we'll get to revisit their early careers. It is time to travel back to 2007, when reality TV's first family weren't global superstars. The time when Kylie and Kendall were just kids, Kourt and Scott were a couple and Kim wasn't married to Kanye. That is 19 wholesome episodes including Kimmy's romance with Reggie Bush, and of course, DASH- their clothing store.

Fans felt ecstatic at the news, and took their excitement to social media. One tweeted, "Keeping up with the Kardashians' four seasons are on Netflix now and I couldn't be more excited." People can't wait for the whole show to be on Netflix so they can binge the entire series.

The Kardashians! Source:

 During the pandemic, we all miss our friends and loved ones. Until that day comes, we at least have one big Kardashian family to keep up with. Thanks to Netflix!

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