Jessica Alba waving her family goodbye to go on vacation alone. Jessica Alba waving her family goodbye to go on vacation alone.

Jessica Alba reveals she needs a break from her family

Famous actress and businesswoman Jessica Alba remotely attended Drew Barrymore's talk show. The 39-year-old actress made statements about how she needs a break from her three children and her husband. Keep reading to find out why.  

  • Jessica Marie Alba was born 39 years ago in California, United States. 
  • In 2011 the actress founded The Honest Company which produces and sells eco-friendly products for babies and moms as well as household items.
  • Her company is valued at $1.7 billion. The actress' personal net worth is $200 million.
  • The Sin City actress is married to producer Cash warren since 2008 and has 3 daughters.

Jessica Alba is not only a very talented actress but also a successful businesswoman and mother of three beautiful children.

For 12 years she has been married to producer Cash Warren with whom she had Honor, Hayes and Heaven. Their lives have changed dramatically since March as all of ours.

Jessica Alba and her family

With the lockdown due to the pandemic, the Honey actress had to start working from home for her eco-friendly products company Honest.

Jessica Alba promoting her company, Honest.

With three children sometimes it's easier to leave the house than to work there. 

Jessica confessed to Drew, with whom she has a history since they both worked together on Never Been Kissed in 1999, that she has had enough of her family.

Alba decided to take a week off from her mommy duties.

The 39-year-old actress has not yet determined the destination of her getaway but it will be with her friend Kelly.

We believe that it's totally valid and that in fact a mother needs to take time for herself from time to time.

Quality time for yourself is essential to maintaining mental health.

I think I'm going to take not a week but a month off from my daughter myself.

Jessica you are such an inspiration!

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