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Jennifer Garner's funny reaction to a series finale

The actress Jennifer Garner had a surprising reaction over the series finale "The Office" and posted a video of her reaction on her Instagram. What starts being something one could cry about, the slow-mo and effects make you laugh! Check the video below! 

  • Actress Jennifer Garner feels absolutely emotional about the finale of The Office.
  • The series finale was launched on 16 May 2013 and had over 5 million viewers.
  • She has 3 amazing kids together with actor Ben Affleck who watched the series with her.
  • Her net worth is $60 million

After finishing recording the complete series of The Office, actress Jennifer Garner shows herself crying over the finale.
Clearly, the series ending makes her extremely emotional. Maybe because it represents the end of a happy routine in her life or because she might have felt identified with different situations during the episode.

Jennie spreading love to her fans!

No matter which, the actress Jennifer Garner, 48 years old, was moved to tears and let her fans knew about it through a video she posted on her social media. This video turned out to be even funnier because it was accidentally recorded in slow motion.
Her 3 children also liked the sitcom and felt extremely proud of her mother's work. Clearly, actors put their lives into their roles and perform incredible stunts, body changes and transformations to become that person. It's already hard being in your own skin, imagine having to transform into another one! 

Also, the cast reacted to her crying. Watch the video below!

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