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Is leaving Hollywood a 'fantasy' for Jennifer Aniston?

From Monday's episode of the Smartless podcast, we feel like the star, who rose to fame after her TV series 'Friends,' has gone through an awful time with some of her cast in the past couple of years. So terrible that she seems to be interested in directing more than acting! However, we can't deny that Aniston would rock her role as a director as well. To find out who  compelled her to join the teammates behind the camera, keep reading!  

  • Jennifer Joanna Aniston is and American actress, producer and businesswoman.
  • She has a net worth of $220 million. 
  • A golden globe, a Primetime Emmy and 2 Screen Actors Guild awards are a few of Aniston’s biggest achievements.

The Murder Mystery star appeared on the Smartless Podcast alongside hosts Jason Bateman, Sean Hyes, and Will Arnett.
Upon being asked if she ever thought about leaving the industry, the actress recalled her experience of the past two years that left her so worn out that she actually considered exiting Hollywood.

It's the same feeling we had when school depleted us of energy, and we dreamed of leaving it right away. Unfortunately, we didn't have any other option but to go through the process quietly however, for Jennifer, the case is different. Her 3 decades of experience allows her to work behind the camera rather than being in the front, if she wills.

She explained how she would love to be on that chair screaming and directing the whole scene herself. It's somewhat more fascinating to Jennifer now, after her encounter with a project that was unplanned and 'sucked' the life out of her. The 51-year-old said, “I would love to jump into that chair more. I enjoy it thoroughly.”

Jennifer Aniston wants to become a director Source: zougla

There's no doubt that the Friends star could do the job very well since she has been working in front and behind the cameras for more than 30 years.

The celebrity has directed 3 movies, so it's no biggie for her to do the job like a pro, unlike the ones who ended up making Anniston dislike her work. Safe to say that the Murder Mystery star is one of the finest actresses and most talented ones the Hollywood has.

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