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Is Robert De Niro about to go bankrupt?

The actor's financial situation might be in jeopardy due to the pandemic. De Niro's incomes had dropped dramatically since April according to his lawyer. Ex-wife Grace Hightower sent him to court cause the famous actor cut down her credit card limit to a half. Keep reading to find out why!

• Robert Anthony De Niro Jr.'s film debut was in 1963 in director's Bryan De Palma's first movie "The Wedding Party."

•  The two time Oscar's winner actor has a net worth of $500 Million.

• He got married to Grace Hightower in 1997, divorced from her in 1999, espoused back in 2004, and split for good in 2018. Exhausting!

Rober De Niro with ex wife Grace Hightower

Coronavirus has affected everyone's life and pockets in an unimaginable way. Movie stars are not the exception, even when they earn millions of dollars a year. I mean if your incomes are high so is your lifestyle, what if you can afford it anymore?.

Robert De Niro at the opening of his hotel in Marbella, Spain (2018).

"This man couldn't retire even if he wanted to because he can't afford to keep up with his lifestyle". Said De Niro's lawyer, Caroline Krausse in court explaining the reason why his ex-wife saw her American Express limit drop from $100.000 to $50.000.

The couple signed a prenup arrangement for $1.000.000 a year as long as the Hollywood actor earns $15.000.000 or more. Seems like he is getting only half of that amount this year as some of his investments like Nobu restaurant and hotel are closed and report no money to the 76-year-old star. Therefore, he decided to "Tighten his belt".

But that's not the end, he decided to ban his ex from his summer house too, so it seems that he has deeper reasons for tightening her belt. We're gonna have to wait and see!

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