Chris Evan's twitter concerning his Instagram incident. Chris Evan's twitter concerning his Instagram incident.

Is Chris Evans interested in running for the public office?

The famous actor of the Marvel Universe has been on the lips of all these days for the leak of intimate photos to his Instagram account. When he finally made reference to this fact, he did so in a somewhat political way. And it's that the actor has been focused lately on this matter. Stay for Chris Evans' future plans

  • Christopher Robert Evans was born 39 year ago in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • The famous actor has a net worth of $80 million.
  • Throughout his career he has participated in 39 films.
  • He has 6.1 million followers on Instagram and only 18 posts so far.

The actor has already said that he handed over the Captain America shield and that he won't be portraying the national hero anymore.

However, some of his role stayed with him. Chris Evans recently opened a new communication channel with citizens called A Starting Point.

Captain America has always been quite vocal about his political leanings.

He's even campaigned for his Democrat uncle, Michael Capuano.

His family has always been very political, and they've always treated the matter in a natural and open way.

Chris Evans with his uncle, senator Michael Capuano.

The Human Torch has 17 million followers on Twitter and more than 6 on Instagram. He feels that all that popularity can be channeled into a service to society.

ASP ad.

Inspired by his own needs, he co-founded "A Starting Point" with Mark Kasse(director and producer) and Joe Kiani (tech entrepreneur).

It's a place where you can reliably know the opinions and responses of elected political actors on issues that concern the voters.

For Evans this is a way to make the population aware of participating in the nation's democratic process. In this way, national elections could be more representative of the people.

ASP is a very interesting place where you can find frequently asked questions and their answers, small political debates and the opinions of the elected on the subjects that people want to know about.

All in a fast and easy to understand format. More than 170 senators, congressmen and elected mayors participate in the site.

Chris, we think it's wonderful that you use your fame to create awareness and reflection. Thanks for your input.

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