How did Jennifer Lopez celebrated “Hustlers” movie birthday

The famous movie “Hustler” was premiered exactly one year ago and J-Lo celebrated it on her Instagram. It's a true story about exotic dancers from New York that tricked their clients stealing millions from their credit cards.  Read below to know more about this celebration.

  • Jennifer Lopez is a successful New Yorker entertainer.
  • The diva started her actress career in 1993.
  • She is now engaged with the former baseball player Alex Rodriguez.
  • After training pole dance for several months, she did an amazing job playing "Ramona", who in real life is called Samantha Barbash.

The film was released on September 13th 2019 and was so successful that got into the top ten of every country it was released. 

Moreover, due to J-Lo's outstanding performance on the film, she was nominated by Critics' Choice Movie Award as best actress. 

Jennifer Lopez playing her character of "Ramona"

 She is not only one of the leading actresses of this movie, but also its producer! Like a true professional, she got involved with the real life Ramona and learned her tricks from the business.

How incredible are these stories that seem like fiction but people actually did it? Another great example is the movie "Wolf Of Wall Street" played by Leo DiCaprio about the life of Jordan Bellfort, the broker who made a scheme to make a fraud.

Movies played by iconic actors/actresses about events or personalities that existed are always a success because the fans get involved with the story and start reading about the characters on the Internet and in some ways, they wish, to live the glamorous side of the stories. 

Haven't you seen the movie yet? Check out the trailer below!

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