Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum urging people to vote Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum urging people to vote

How Hollywood stars are a major influence in the elections

Historically, Hollywood has been living in their own dreamland world, away from all the problems and issues Americans have. 2020 has broken the record of celebrities involved in the political campaigns, some of them like "A Star Is Born" actor Bradley Cooper taking serious business into the matter. Read more below!

  • Cooper made a campaign alongside "Now This News" to urge the native citizens of Pennsylvania to vote.
  • Instagram star Kylie Jenner made a fuzz on the social media after posting revealing bikini pictures inviting people to go to the ballots.
  • Supermodels like Hailey Bieber, sports athletes like Lebron James and actors like Jack Black are uniting in order to support the Democratic Party in November.

Celebrities are taking every opportunity, media outlet and public event to use their influence and admiration for a political purpose. The United States has never seen something like this since actor Ronald Reagan became President.

Jack Black with his funky "vote" face mask

Rapper Kanye West saying he wanted to be President, actor Mark Ruffalo pleading to vote after he won an Emmy Award and now Bradley Cooper helping his native Pennsylvania citizens with the "do's and dont's" when participating.

We find ourselves in a country strongly divided, maybe like  never before. Regardless which side are you with, or whether you are concentrated right now in playing that last Candy Crush level you just reached, Hollywood's urges unity.

And that's what we need. Unity in politics, in the fight against racism and extremists and unity in health. To the politicians in Washington that are fighting: go and eat with a member of the other party. Talk to them. Make friends with them. Because at the end, we are all equal.

Because when we are all together, we can be an incredible country, that produces the most important movies, technology and lobster rolls in the entire world.  

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