Ryan Reynolds taking covid-19 test

Funny reaction of Ryan Reynolds after testing for COVID-19

The multi-millionaire actor gets the same treatment as every mortal. Concerned about his well-being, he voluntarily went for a coronavirus testing before getting to work on his new Netflix movie "Red Notice" and his description of the test will give you a mental image that you aren't going to be able to block anymore from your head. 

  • Despite having a net worth of almost $700 million, the 43-year-old actor keeps working.
  • He is one of the highest paid actors in the industry and recently sold his Gin brand for $610 million.
  • Reynolds captioned the Instagram post: "Back to work". 

The funny sequence shows Reynolds sitting on a chair while a nurse sticks the swab up his nose. Once again, he took it in a humorous way saying "deep enough to tickle your childhood memories".

Ryan Gossling getting tested for COVID-19

We love how Ryan is in real life as his fictional character of Deadpool. Always laughing, taking life one step at a time and seeing always the positive. Have you been through the test already?

At the Yaay redaction we had a massive testing just in case, and we were afraid as Ryan was, but it ended up quickly and luckily, everyone got negative. Taking life in 2020 one day at a time, just like the wonderful actor! 

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