Find out the plans of the Modern Family cast.

10 of the 11 seasons of the series are now available on the Netflix platform and fans have the chance to laugh again with the successful TV show released in 2009 by ABC television network. Have you ever wondered what are the cast members going to do now the show is over?

  • Modern Family's season became the biggest moneymaker of 2012 getting $2.13M per episode!
  • Sofia Vergara earned $16 million playing Gloria Delgado
  • The series won a total of 16 Golden Globe Awards.

The show is over, but the cast must go on. What are they going to do now? We know Sofia Vergara is busy as usual being judge in America's Got Talent and giving juicy and mostly funny headlines to the press.

But what about the rest?

The whole MF cast

As for Sarah Hyland and Ty Burrell, we know they are about to work together again. She got the main role on Desert's Whale's (owned by Burrel)production for ABC. So, they won't miss each other.

Eric Stonestreet was recently invited by Sofia Vergara to be a judge for a day replacing Heidi Klum on America's Got Talent and made all the headlines for donating 200k rations of food for those affected by the pandemic. AKA Cam has no TV plans that we know of.

Sofia's fiction husband Ed O' Neil seems to be on a break now, he is 74 now, and we bet he doesn't need a job after his $65 million income for 282 episodes on the show.

Julie Bowen, on the other hand, is one of the busiest ones, she got a leading role on "Raised by Wolves" to which she agreed $250k per episode (not bad at all) and we will have the pleasure to see her on Adam Sandler's movie "Hubie Halloween".

Jessy Tyler Ferguson is focused on being a parent right now, so I guess we won't be hearing from him for some time.
As for the young ones of the cast, they don't seem to have on-screen plans right now. But I'm sure we will see them too sooner than later.


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