Anabelle Wallis & Tom Cruise on The Mummy premiere

Female co-star reveals Tom Cruise's secrets behind cameras

Keeping up with actor Tom Cruise is an impossible mission! Except for Annabelle Wallis, his co-star in “The Mummy” in 2017. Did you know she made him break his stunt rules? 

  • Tom always performs in the flesh the most dangerous stunts in his movies.
  • He loves outdoor sports such as kayaking, rock climbing and skydiving.
  • The “Mission: Impossible” franchise has earned $3.5 billion worldwide.
Tom Cruise and Anabelle Wallis on "The Mummy" - Twitter

Anabelle Wallis just confessed to being one of the few people able to keep up with Tom. Hollywood’s golden boy has a serious commitment to his career as an actor. She admires Tom for being such a professional actor who performs his own stunts.

According to the actress, he has an unstoppable desire for excellence and is always pushing limits. Tom told her that he has a rule that nobody runs or performs dangerous scenes with him. After she proved to be an experienced runner he agreed to shoot running scenes together. Annabelle was delighted, as if she had won an Oscar, to get recognition from such an iconic movie star.

Tom takes his character Ethan Hunt, the agent from the series “Mission: Impossible” seriously.  He’s 58 years old but still looks as fresh as in “Top Gun”. We will see him soon at theaters in a heart-stopping scene from “Mission: Impossible 7”. He jumps on a motorcycle from the top of a mountain into a terrifying abyss. Do you think he will survive?

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