Israeli Gal Gadot will be once again, Wonder Woman

Fans can't wait! Wonder Woman 1984 movie is delayed again

The popular saying "Third time is the last time" doesn't apply to DC Comics superheroes apparently. Warner Bros, the producing company has stated that it will postponing the premier of the expected film once again. The fans are so thrilled that they can't wait any longer! Read more below!

  • The movie was supposed to be on cinemas in December 2019.
  • It was changed already 5 times and fans are going nuts!
  • The first Wonder Woman film made almost $100 million on its first weekend in 2017.

"For money, even a monkey can dance". Let's not take this literally, because monkeys are cute and loving animals, but they can't dance the way humans do. Wonder Woman sure can, because she is awesome.

But the fans are going to wait just a little longer. The directors at the Hollywood emblematic company are waiting more theatrical attendance.

Israeli Gal Gadot will be once again, Wonder Woman. Source: Alamy

With the hopes that the health situation in the United States improves from now until December, they decided to postpone the incredible film one more time so that it reaches the same level as the first movie with Israeli actress, Gal Gadot.

Now, you know what to ask for Santa Claus this year, because apparently, it will be premiering during the Christmas holidays, where the family is gathered in winter, pop corn is buttered and a warm mug of chocolate is next to the couch to enjoy what it looks like one of the best movies of the whole year.

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