Emmy Awards set a record for black nominees and winners

The most important awards on national television were held despite the pandemic. The organizers found a way to make the big ceremony happen no matter what. There was also another thing that changed this year. Keep reading to find out what!  

  • This year is the 72nd edition of one of the four most important American entertainment awards.
  • First edition was on January 25th of 1949 from Los Angeles.
  • Emmy Awards honor excellence in national TV.
  • It has many ceremonies throughout the year but the most covered by the media are Prime-time Emmy Awards and Daytime Emmy Awards.


This year has been difficult not only because of the pandemic but also because of the episodes of racist violence that took place in the United States  last year.

This is a pending matter that the nation has. These tragic incidents seem to have been a turning point for people to get together and cry out for justice and unity.

Everywhere we look we see diversification and inclusion of all kinds.

The Emmys are no strangers to this reality and for the 72nd edition they decided to include more African Americans than ever.

This year the record for black artists nominations was broken, reaching more than a third. A big difference if we compare it with 14% of other years.

Watchmen had 26 nominations this year.

Seven actors and actresses were honored for their outstanding performances in different categories.

Little Zendaya broke a record by becoming the youngest actress to win in the category of leading actress in drama at age 24.

Part of  Watchmen's cast also won the award.

Regina King's acceptance speech for her role in the series was definitely one of the best of the night.

It's that the HBO series had a lot of impact and was one of the most nominated of the night.

Especially in these delicate moments of the nation regarding racism.

We know that there's still a long way to go towards the inclusion of all minorities, such as Latinos and transgenders in the industry.

But we have faith that little by little all the talented in the industry will be contemplated in spite of...

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