Emilio Vitolo Jr, Katie Holmes' boyfriend is a womanizer

The truth has come out after several women started sharing her experiences with the Italian celebrity chef. We are pretty sure that being a Casanova is one of the reasons that charmed the actress, but could it be too much? Testimonies confirm so!  

  • Emilio has celebrity guests like former United States president Barack Obama, actor Bradley Cooper and singer Lady Gaga. 
  • As a restaurant owner, he has to be nice to people, but some might say he flirts directly with customers.
  • He has been seen with Katie around NYC and they look seriously in loved, but could be more to it?
Emilio flirting with a girlfriend in his restaurant

Oh, Italians. Tanned, with perfectly shaped hairstyles, amazing suits and a lady killer laugh. Emilio was born in New York and grew up in the kitchen of the famous Emilio's Ballato celebrity restaurant in Soho run by his father.

There, he met so many celebrities that it started being their friends and even got acting gigs.

But 'normal' female customers shared they experience and it's shocking: Two women from Miami, Emilia Flores and Kelsey Dupont said that Emilio told them he loved their color and loved to party in Miami, even asking if they were inviting him to join them after work!

The romantic inside of the restaurant

Another one, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he was more flirty than normal even sending them little 'gifts' to their table and winking his eye.

We are not surprised, and hopefully he had all his fun in the young years and is ready to settle down, because Katie is in love and apparently, this could be more serious and deep than we thought. Marriage is ringing at the door apparently! Let's bet for their love! 

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