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Dwayne The Rock Johnson set a world record on Instagram

The Rock Johnson started out as a professional wrestler and in 2002 he got into the big screen with The Scorpion King. We just found out that the Rampage actor broke a world record with his Instagram account by becoming the ... Scroll down to see the news

  • Dwayne Douglas Johnson AKA The Rock is an American actor born 48 year ago in California.
  • The actor has grossed an estimated net worth of $320 million.
  •  He was  the fourth most followed Instagrammer with 199 millions until he endorsed former vice president Joe Biden for the upcoming national elections.

The Rock Johnson took the courage to speak about his political leanings a few weeks ago.

Through his Instagram channel, the 48-year-old actor had an interview with the candidate for president Joe Biden and his running mate, Democratic senator Kamala Harris.

Contrary to what Dwayne believed, revealing who would he vote in the upcoming election on Nov. 3rd made him even more popular.


In a very recent post, the Jumanji actor thanked his more than 200 million followers for such honor.

He also took the opportunity to leave a very nice message to his fans, speaking of the truth and how by being respectful of the opinions of others and careful in our responses we can reach a greater understanding with each other.

Dwayne is also a family man.

Once again we are pleasantly surprised by the good use some artists make of their influence.

Becoming a motivation for all those who admire and respect them.

We're happy to be part of the 200 million Instagram followers who made The Rock the most followed American man in the world.

Watch this video from his wrestling days fighting Hulk Hogan!

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