Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson reveals who he's voting for on November 3rd

The presidential elections are coming up in the United States and many stars have come out to support their candidates to win them some votes. These days we were able to attend the revelation that Dwayne The Rock Johnson made about whom he's going to vote for November 3rd.

  • Dwayne Douglas Johnson AKA The Rock is an American actor born 42 year ago in California.
  • The actor has an estimated net worth of $320 million and is the fourth most followed Instagrammer with 199 millions.
  • Joe Biden was USA's 47th vice president from 2009 to 2017. He serves the Democratic Party and is running for president on November 3rd.
  • Kamala Harris is an attorney and current senator of California from the Democratic Party. She is running for vice president of the nation along with Joe Biden on this year's elections.

It's not a surprise that celebrities are a huge influence on the audience.

Politicians know this very well and always seek A-list supporters to try to win more votes.

Celebrities are often very vocal about their political leanings.

Until now and in his own words, the Jumanji actor had never commented or endorsed anyone to be his favorite candidate. We learned that he'll vote for former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris.

Dwayne Johnson and Kamala Harris.

The event was broadcast on the Fast and Furious franchise actor's YouTube channel.

It was like a little interview where Johnson gave the candidates the opportunity to explain how they are going to win the trust of the Americans and how they are going to handle their mandate if they win.

A screenshot fron the online transmition.

Both responded that the truth was above all, appealing to sincerity and transparency as their way to approach the nation's issues. It is certainly a smart move to turn to celebrities for political support.

In this context of feminism and racism problems in America, attorney and Senator Kamala Harris seems to be the right choice for Johnson and many other Hollywood stars like Jay Leno, Larry David and Tom Hanks. We will keep you posted.

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