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Discover what the initials TMZ stand for

We have all heard the term TMZ, and we assume that is linked with the film industry. Especially because of the famous Hollywood news portal. But what do these initials stand for? Keep reading to find out.

  • Hollywood is a neighborhood of Los Angeles, California and has a population of 61,491.
  • Many studios as Paramount Pictures Warner Bros and Universal Studios were founded there.
  • In 1903 was incorporated as an independent municipality but in 1910 emerged in the central area of Los Angeles city.

Hollywood is the mecca of cinema. The dream of every aspiring actor is to succeed in the industry but first to go to Hollywood.

This neighborhood of the city of Los Angeles in California has become synonymous with stars.

Over the years the area has grown and it even gained its own labor jurisdiction. If we look at a map of Los Angeles we will notice that Hollywood occupies a radius of 30 miles.

The Thirty Mile zone map.

The Thirty-Mile Zone. Yay! Mystery solved. That is what the initials refer to.

Anyway, the cinema area has had its own map for a long time and even its own little laws.

As labor legislation regarding the workers who register in the area and the rights for the studios to shoot taking advantage of the landscape areas on the outskirts to be able to film westerns.

A scene from the movie Once Upon in Hollywood.

Another reason for this area to become a cinema mecca is its good climate, the fact that it has 360 sunny days a year makes it ideal for shooting outdoors.

Now you know TMZ defines Hollywood in three simple letters. Pretty smart!


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