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Did you know that Brad Pitt was a Scientology member?

You've probably already heard of Scientology Church. Many Hollywood celebrities belong to that religion. Tom Cruise is a great reference of this. Today we discovered that Brad Pitt himself also made a stop there. Keep reading and we will tell you the details.

  • Scientology is a religion founded in the 1950s by L. Ron Hubbard.
  • Although it has been recognized as a religion in some countries, like U.S., it's also considered as a cult, a sect, and an economic enterprise in others.
  • Its main belief is that humans are immortal alien spiritual beings trapped in a meat body, clouded by childhood traumas that don't let us remember our nature and deprive us of seeing the reality.

We've heard of many Hollywood stars who have joined this religion. One of the most notorious by far is Tom Cruise, who will surely have been a great help in recruiting members.

Tom Cruise speaking at the Church of Scientology.

It's not clear how many believers there are worldwide. They claim to have millions in 167 countries, but former church collaborators say they just had 20,000 last year.

Being a member of this belief is not free, donations have a specific amount, and they have courses that cost about $800 per class.

Brad Pitt with Scientologist former girfriend Juliette Lewis.

These days it has been revealed that even Brad Pitt was involved with this religion.

Introduced to the Church by Juliette Lewis, the 47-year-old actress with whom he had a relationship in the 90s.

She, Juliette, belonged to Scientology, and he, Brad, was tempted to try.

The front entrance of Scientology's celebrity center.

He started out in Scientology and attended various courses in Portland. One of them was purification.

This course focused on the detoxification of aggressive substances for the body.

Apparently the method focused on the consumption of vitamins and about 5 hours of sauna.

The famous 56-year-old actor didn't like the methods of the church and ended up leaving it.

In his words, he didn't agree with the initiation process, which have been controversial because in some cases it's even humiliating.

Bottom line, it's good to be open to new experiences and try things to improve ourselves. For some this was the way and for others it wasn't.

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