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Did Daniel Craig risk his life in No Time To Die's trailer?

The film was planned to be released in April but was delayed until November this year. Find out more details of the movie below!

-Daniel Craig, British film, theater, and TV actor, was born in 1968.
-He became especially famous thanks to his role as James Bond.
-Fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of his latest film.

The idea of a secret and double life is always intriguing. Year after year, new movies about people leading incredible situations keep calling the fans. Superman, Batman and the traditional 007. And the actor has a great experience performing this role. 

A second trailer was released today for No Time To Die, the film that features Daniel Craig's latest performance as James Bond. This time, he is facing Safin (Rami Malek), who apparently is planning something that could kill millions of people.

The film's trailer begins with James Bond trying to avoid crashing into a wall while setting out on one of his most dangerous missions. The end shows James Bond carrying a gun in a forest, while a van turns in front of him and starts shooting at him.

He looks incredible at 52 years old

For those who have never seen a James Bond film, let me tell you that he is a fictional character who was created in 1953. This popular character acts as an undercover agent with a "license to kill".

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