Is Chris Pratt a Trump supporter? Is Chris Pratt a Trump supporter?

Chris Pratt is trending topic on Twitter for supporting Trump

Right in my previous post, we discussed which celebrities supported President Donald Trump in the upcoming national elections on November 3. According to Twitter, we've forgotten the actor Chris Pratt in our list, but is this so? Keep reading to find out more.

  • Christopher Michael Pratt is a 41-year-old American actor known for starring in TV shows and action movies like Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • He became relevant for his role in NBC's sitcom Parks and Recreation in 2009. Throughout his career, Pratt has grossed an estimated net worth of $60 million. 
  • In 2019 the actor was accused of belonging to a church that rejected the LGBTQ+ community. Chris publicly denied that fact and claimed that Zoe Church is open to everyone.

The famous Guardians of the Galaxy actor is in the eye of the storm these days for presumably being a Trump supporter.

There are several things to discuss on this topic.

First, there is no real evidence that this is so.

I mean Pratt has not spoken at any time about his political leanings in a public way.

His current wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger AKA Gobertanor, despite her father serving for the Republican Party, has spoken out against the current government on her Instagram.

Chris Evans announcing the Joe Biden's campaign fundraising

On the other hand, the actor on his Twitter account follows both Republicans and Democrats.

All this started because the 41-year-old actor did not join several members of the Marvel Universe in an online fundraiser for the campaign of Democrat Joe Biden.

He was not the only one, several did not join, including Jeremy Renner.

No one is obliged to make their political opinion public, Chris may not feel the need to express himself about it.

Finally, I personally believe that no one should be judged and condemned on social media for thinking in a certain way.

We must learn to respect others and to be understanding.

We'll stay alert on the Parks and Recreation actor's reaction on this issue.

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