Chris Hemsworth only have eyes for his wife Chris Hemsworth only have eyes for his wife

Chris Hemsworth's blue eyes are only for his wife Elsa Pataky

When the god of thunder was asked in an interview if his wife, the Spanish Elsa Pataky, was jealous or if she had problems with the actor's high profile, he answered this ... Keep reading to find out!  

  • Christopher Hemsworth was born in Australia 37 years ago.
  • He has played 26 roles so far on the big screen and co produced the movie Extraction released this year.
  • The famous actor has a net worth of $130 million.
  • Elsa Pataky is a Spanish model and actress. She's been married to the god of thunder since 2014. They share three children.

With more than 10 years of relationship behind them and three beautiful children, the actor of Thor and the Spanish actress Elsa Pataky is one of the most solid couples in Hollywood.

Sorry girls, but the heart and fabulous abs of the god of thunder have a master.

Hollywood's relationships are not easy to maintain.

A fan taking a selfie with the actor.

There are too many temptations when you have a high profile.

When Chris Hemsworth was asked if his 44-year-old wife had jealousy problems, the 37-year-old actor answered "Elsa knows I only have eyes for her".

Ohhhh! Of course, he does.

The MIB actor is a family man. Honestly, his wife has nothing to be afraid of, the blonde actress from Madrid is gorgeous.

Elsa Pataky looking great at Avengers Age of Ultron premiere

 They both make an excellent match and give us hope that true love exists.

We love seeing all the photos they share on social media.

Like this one that the actor just posted on his Instagram account.

Where he also urges Australians to do internal tourism and support an area that has been very shaken by the closure of borders such as the hotel industry.

The Hemsworth family always doing good. They truly are a role model.

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