Chris Hemsworth steals reporter’s thunder!

Ok, we are pretty sure the actor Chris Hemsworth has a successful career as “Thor”, the god of Thunder in the Marvel franchise, but did you know he is looking to increase his superhero powers and start predicting the weather? Keep reading to find out the latest mischievous adventures of naughty “Thor” star. 

  • Christopher Hemsworth first rose to fame in Australia playing Kim Hyde in the popular Australian TV series “Home and Away”.
  • He married Spanish actress Elsa Pataky in 2010 and they have three children, a daughter and twin sons.
  • Hemsworth and his family moved from Los Angeles to a beachside town called Byron Bay in his native Australia.

The muscle bound god of thunder actor has a reputation as a terribly naughty boy in Hollywood because he likes to steal hammers from his movie sets! His wife actress Elsa Pataky revealed he has stolen five, one for every movie he has done as “Thor” in the Marvel universe.

Chris hemsworth in Thor - Source: Marvel

We always admired Chris who made the wise decision to relocate his Australian hometown after revealing that living in Hollywood became too overwhelming. He enjoys a more refreshing family life spending time surfing with his children.

The Aussie star is a real joker and has a great sense of humour. He surprisingly appeared during a live weather forecast on Australia TV. The “Thor” star approached reporter Lauren Phillips and took her microphone. Watch the hilarious clip where he wants to steal the weather forecasters job. Try to hold back your tears of laughter!

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