Chris Hemsworth is going to Dementus in the new Mad Max movie Furiosa Chris Hemsworth is going to Dementus in the new Mad Max movie Furiosa

Chris Hemsworth cast to be part of Mad Max's prequel Furiosa

Yaay! Another movie with the god of thunder. We love Chris Hemsworth and it's great that he's joining the legendary Mad Max franchise The upcoming prequel Furiosa will also star Anya Taylor Joy as the leading role. Read on if you want to know which character Thor will be.  

  • With a $350K budget the first Mad Max movie was released in 1979 starring Mel Gibson.
  • Mad Max is an Australian post apocalyptic movie franchise created and directed by George Miller.
  • Fury Road was released in 2015 being one of the most successful in the box office that year. Starring Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa and Tom Hardy as  Mad Max.


We just heard the news and are super excited for the release of this new movie that focuses on the origins of Furiosa.

In the multi-award-winning Mad Max: Fury Road we could see Charlize Theron portray the tough Furiosa.

Anya Taylor Joy and Charlize Theron look a lot alike

On this occasion, director George Miller wants to tell the story of that character in her early years and what life was like at the Green Place.

For that Miller looked for a younger actress and found the wonderful Anya Taylor Joy, whom we've already seen in movies like Glass, The New Mutants and The Witch.

Best of all, the handsome Chis Hemsworth will be part of the prequel apparently as Dr. Dementus.

Wow! What a good character. Dementus is described as a man with an angel face and a deep scar on it.

We already have the face of an angel, only the scar missing.

Yayha Abdul Mateen and his role in Watchmen

They will also be joined by Emmy winner Yahya Abdul-Mateen II of Watchmen.

There is no release date yet, but we do know that it'll be shot in Australia and will be released in theaters relatively soon by Warner Bros.

We can't wait.

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