Chris Evans funny. Chris Evans funny.

Chris Evans reaction to his major oops! on Instagram

The Captain America actor has been in the public eye these past few days for an unintentional leak of some photos from his private gallery. Since it happened, we've been waiting for his reaction to it. Keep reading to find out what it was!

  • Christopher Evans is an American actor from Boston who mostly known for his role as Captain America.
  • The famous actor /producer/director has a net worth of $80 million.
  • He has amassed more than 17 million followers on Twitter and 6 million on Instagram.

The incident occurred on Instagram, when the actor decided to share a fun moment with friends in his stories.

The video is a home recording of the actor playing Heads Up. The problem is the actor didn't cut the video and when it finished the photo gallery of his phone was exposed.

Some content was inappropriate for the public. Repercussions didn't take long and the human torch literally lit up social media.

His friend Mark Ruffalo sent him a message of support on Twitter and so did his brother Scott who joked about it.

Chris Evans on the other hand, waited a few days to pronounce himself.

Maybe thinking very well his words.

The famous actor posted a message on his Twitter account saying: Now that I have your attention, vote on November 3rd.

Very smart move, especially because he is working hard to make the public aware of the importance of participating in the democratic process of the nation.

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