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Check out the trending beauty treatments of Hollywood actors

Hollywood has been always a male predominant industry. Nowadays, women are taking over and the actors need to keep up looking young and gorgeous. And most of them are taking over beauty centers and cosmetic surgeons in order to maintain their youth! Check the following video below!

  • Actors like Christian Bale, Sylvester Stallone and even Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson went under the knife.
  • Others include creams, hair products and other skincare routines.
  • There are several beauty treatments like fillers, Botox and hyaluronic acid that are amongst the most common in Hollywood.
Sylvester Stallone before & after. Source: Getty

From hair transplants to face lifts, Hollywood men are going all in to look amazing for the camera. Probably the most known faces that had significant changes are the ones of actors Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke.

Anti-aging specialist, Dr. Bobillo explains where the stars tend to look "the lower area of the face can point out your age. Bone structure loses fat and in consequence you have less volume"

Several Los Angeles aesthetic centers said that their male consultations have increased in the last years, specially during quarantine "Men are asking way more because they are not afraid to enter the store physically". As they can call or just send an email, celebrities avoid getting caught by paparazzi.  Christian Bale got teeth implants, but he still rarely manages to smile for the camera.

Celebrity Artistic Director Chris Appleton is known to be the "Hair God" and showed his secret in a shirtless video!

Dwayne Johnson is an exceptional case, he opened up in an interview about having an operation of gynecomastia to enhance his chest.

Dwayne Johnson filming "Baywatch". Source: Alamy

Most of the actors we mentioned before are naturally gorgeous, but we still agree that if surgery makes them feel better with themselves, they should do it.

Each one owns his body and as long as they have a confidence boost that makes them perform better on the screen, we as fans, will be delighted! 

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