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Celebrities who won the fight against coronavirus

This year was strongly marked by a pandemic that came to change our lives. Millions of people were infected with the new virus around the world. Celebrities are no exception. Read on to find out which public figures shared their journey with the fans.

  • New COVID-19 infection was first diagnosed in China around December 2019
  • Since the beginning of the pandemic there has been around 23.2 million infections around the world.
  • Almost every country on the planet has put their population under quarantine to try stop contagion.

As we've already said, this year a pandemic came to change our lives.

Entire countries were partially or totally shut down in order to stop the contagion curve.

After several months of fighting, the measures have been loosened a bit and some economic areas have returned to their activities.

Last August VMAs were celebrated under strict protocoles.

The entire planet was hit by the impact of the virus, Hollywood stars are no exception.

Many of them have made their contagion and fortunately recovery public through social media.

Thanks to these massive communication channels, the world has been able to stay in touch in times of social distancing.

The messages of gratitude to the health workers and the awareness campaigns that the stars have made urging their fans have surely added to move forward all together.

 Here we have  three examples of celebrities who managed to overcome COVID-19.

1. Tom Hanks. The famous actor was the first Hollywood star to reveal he and his wife, Rita Wilson were diagnosed with the virus on March 11th. Both strongly urged the fans to self-isolate to prevent contagion.

2. Pink. Multiple award-winning singer announced on April 3rd that her 3-year-old son had COVID-19 symptoms and that after seeing a doctor she tested positive for the virus.

Pink's message was that people of all ages cat get the disease and everyone should be able to access free tests in order to fight the virus.

3. Bryan Cranston. The actor of Breaking Bad shared on July 30th that he had overcome COVID-19 a while ago, and felt lucky because he only had mild symptoms.

Even though, he was under strict quarantine he got infected anyway.

The actor also revealed that he had donated plasma for research and vaccine development.

I guess it's good to know we are all in this together, mortals and stars!

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