Chadwick Boseman as Cyborg and Ray Fisher as Black Panther

Can you picture Ray Fisher as Black Panther?

This Afro-American actor became very popular these past few months for a quarrel he is having with director Joss Whedon. Some fans are already imagining what Ray Fisher would look like in Black Panther's suit. Do you think he could fit in?. Keep reading to find out what makes superhero movies' fans think so.

  •  Chadwick Boseman passed away last August 28th at the age of 43 while fighting against colon cancer.
  •    Black Panther was the first black superhero, created by Marvel Studios.
  • Ray Fisher portrayed Cyborg first in Batman vs Superman, 2016 and then in The Justice League, 20217 in DC Extended Universe.

The whole world was devastated to find out about Chadwick Boseman's death.

It was a huge surprise for the fans to discover that this great and young actor lost the fight against colon cancer.

It's as if Chadwick Boseman has left a void in the film industry.

Especially at this very delicate moment regarding racism in the United States.

Black Panther's poster.

Black Panther was in fact the first black superhero brought in by Marvel Studios. Today everyone's looking at Ray Fisher, this young actor who went on a crusade against none other than Warner Pictures.

If we look at his social media we'll see that, like Boseman, Fisher is a tireless activist in racist issues.

In addition to this, this year has left an emptiness in movie theaters as all major productions stopped due to the pandemic. The world needs superheroes ASAP.

All eyes have begun to settle on this noble actor, who reminds us of the unforgettable King T'Challa in his fight.

We hope to hear more about him and his iconic Cyborg character soon. Wakanda for ever!

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