Nicole Poturalski and Roland Mary

Brad Pitt met his new girlfriend...thanks to her husband!

Fans couldn't be more surprised and excited about the new relationship with the Oscar winning actor and his new girl, the German model Nicole Poturalski. Why? Because there are several secrets among that will blow your mind! Read more below to find out!

  • The couple was spotted after Pitt took her to his mansion/castle in France that he shared with his ex-wife, famous actress Angelina Jolie.
  • After doing some research, we found out that she is married to a German restaurant owner called Roland Mary.
  • His place, called Borchardt is located in Berlin and could have been where they met for the first time. 
Nicole Poturalski looking amazing

Germans are liberals. Take it from someone who lived 5 years in Munich, the capital of Bavaria. They are open, specially where it comes to relationships and being without clothing in public spaces. Also, I can guess (and basically confirm at a 99,9%) that Brad has no problem in finding girls to date.

Apparently, in one of his visits to the capital of Germany last year, his local friends took him to the famous restaurant that hosts normally celebrities and high-end customers. The owner, gave him a private table where apparently he introduced his girlfriend, whom he has a 7-year-old son with.

The celebrity restaurant Borchardt in Berlin, Germany

Maybe he really doesn't care. Maybe he saw that his girlfriend was impressed with Brad and saw her happiness. Or maybe, he is just a great businessman that knew he would be instantly famous after this story was leaked.

What we can tell you is that 2020 definitely has brought us a lot of surprises, from a celebrity baby boom to Brad Pitt having girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston being super active on Instagram and K-pop bands being on the top list of United States Billboard chart. Despite everything, this is a fun year as well! 


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