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All you need to know about Ryan Reynolds' new movie Free Guy

The trailer for the new movie of the Deadpool actor has been circulating for a couple of months. The date to see it in movie theaters is December 11. Will it be released or will it be delayed like the new James Bond, No Time to Die? Hopefully not. Meanwhile, continue reading to see the trailer and find out what Free Guy is like.

  • Ryan Rodney Reynolds was born 43 years ago in Vancouver, Canada.
  • He's been married to fellow actress Blake Lively since 2012. They share Three beautiful children.
  • Throughout his career the actor of The Proposal has grossed an estimated net worth of $150 million.


Free Guy movie poster

Seeing the official trailer it reminds us a bit of Jim _Carrey's iconic film, The Truman Show.

Where Truman, played by Carrey, lives in an unprecedented reality show, where he's the only one who ignores his character status.

Actress Jodie Comer plays Reynolds character's love interest in the movie.

In this film nobody knows that they are in fact characters from an action video game.

Except for one beautiful woman that will steal Guy's Heart(Guy is the main character played by Ryan Reynolds)

The comic note can't be absent with the 43-year-old actor and neither the romanticism to which Hollywood has us accustomed.

December 11 is just around the corner and honestly we could all use a laugh.

Even though it may not seem like it, the entertainment industry is essential to inject positive energy into the audience.

Something we really need in this turbulent 2020.

Stay and watch the trailer and don't miss its premiere. Enjoy!


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