Will Smith rents Bel Air mansion

Airbnb is renting The Fresh Prince of Bel Air mansion!

We've already anticipated that the Fresh Prince will return to the screen by the hand of HBO Max in 2021. The great news has made the famous series of the 90s return to be on everyone's lips and today we tell you that fans could even have the chance to stay at the Banks mansion. Keep reading to find out more.

  • The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was released on September 13 of 1990.
  • NBC's famous sitcom amuse the audience with 148 episodes throughout 6 seasons.
  • Will Smith was launched to fame by the series. He announced a few weeks ago that Bel Air will be released in 2021 as a dramatic version of the original TV show.


The fans are very happy for the return of the series that brought Will Smith to fame.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the famous NBC series.

The great news is that in addition to announcing the return of the dramatic version of the TV show, they've also revealed that fans will have the chance to stay at the Banks family mansion.

The ouside of the Banks mansion.

Airbnb will rent the iconic mansion that served as the exterior of the house of the Fresh Prince and his family in the 90s.
Commemorating the 30th anniversary the price for a night in the luxurious house will be only $30. Wow!

But it won't be that easy for the fans. Only 5 dates will be available for overnight stays. And only those who reside in the Los Angeles area will be able to acquire them.

Also, due to COVID-19, aspiring guests must prove that they belong to the same family nucleus in order to prevent infections.

The Fresh Prince bedroom.

October will be the month in which reservations can be made. Guests will have the chance to sleep in the chambers of the Prince of Bel Air himself and even access his closet.

The pool area of the luxurious house.

There is no doubt that this action will make the upcoming series Bel Air even more popular. We are very happy about this news.

Would you like to make a reservation?


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