Actress Anne Hathaway stars in "The Witches" and we love it!

Actress Anne Hathaway stars in "The Witches" and we love it!

Halloween and Hathaway, and witches. This is exactly what the United States was needing. A bit of fun, great acting and entertainment. The new adaptation from Roald Dahl in HBO Max has an official release date and it's on October 22nd. Watch the magic trailer below!

  • The film is directed by Robert Zemeckis, famous for The Polar Express and Forrest Gump with Tom Hanks.
  • It was supposedly going to hit theaters sooner, but it was postponed due to health reasons.
  • Original tale was from a kid who stumbles upon witches and makes a plan to stop their evil plans.
  • Talents like comedian Chris Rock, Stanley Tucci and Kristin Chenoweth acted in this movie.

Featuring an African American kid, with an awesome loving grandma and the incredible style of the witches (played by Hathaway, Abi Adeyemi and Anastasia Zabarchuk) are going to be uniting the American families.

It has everything a great movie can ask: style, amazing music, talented screenplay writers like Guillermo del Toro and Kenya Barris and finally, a deep united message.

In the trailer we can also see how Hathaway appears without hair, showing that it's ok to be different. Also, how the kid (Jahzir Bruno) makes an amazing effort to save his fellow children to transform into mice.

Jahzir Bruno and Octavia Spencer in the movie

Academy Award winners for Halloween it's just what  this country was needing after this last week of debates and discussions. Thank you, Anne, for taking our mind off the difficult reality for a while and letting us enjoy Halloween!

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