Actor Ryan Reynolds incredible surprise to a fan! Actor Ryan Reynolds incredible surprise to a fan!

Actor Ryan Reynolds incredible surprise to a fan!

The actor born in Vancouver, Canada is usually very present in social media and is known for his frequent interactions with fans. On this occasion a young fan Johnny Quinn who had a serious accident found inspiration in the Marvel Comic Deadpool. The cosplay fan who suffered severe burns in his body shared his story on Instagram. Take a look at Ryan's response.

  • He is an actor, film producer and entrepreneur who became known in the comedy: Two guys and a girl (1998-2000).
  • The 43-year-old actor is married to actress Blake Lively since September 9, 2012.
  • Ryan and Blake are the proud parents of 3 children;James (5- year-old), Inez (2- year- old) and Betty (1-year-old).
  • In the movie Deadpool (2016) the Canadian-American actor received great reviews for his performance and the film was a blockbuster hit.

Due to his condition Johnny battled with self-esteem issues. It was at this time that he encountered the Marvel Comic Movie: Deadpool directed by Tom Miller(2016), a spin off from the X-Men. The cosplayer enjoys dressing as the main character Deadpool and posted a picture of himself showing off his split.

Jadiant posing as his favourite cosplay character. Source: Redbubble
The med student and motivational speaker explains dressing up as Deadpool came naturally and found inspiration in the characters own challenges. The Hollywood actor read the message and answered back. Don’t miss Ryan’s response.
Ryan's response to the cosplayer fan. Source:

Instead of dwelling in despair and giving up this young man gives us a lesson of never giving up. “Deadpool has made me not worry about things... This is me, and I am not ashamed about it." The famous actor responding to Jadiant reminds us about the positive impact someone can have from simply being acknowledged.  Way to go Ryan!


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