5 things you didn't know about Chris Pratt 5 things you didn't know about Chris Pratt

5 things you probably didn't know about Chris Pratt

These days there has been a lot of talk about the actor, Chris Pratt, on social media for his supposed political leanings and ideology. Some of his fellow Marvel teammates came to his defense claiming he's a good guy. That made us think of all the things we still don't know about the Star-Lord. Keep reading to discover everything about him.  

  • Christopher Pratt is an American actor born on June 21st of 1979.
  • The actor has an estimated net worth of $60 million.
  • He is married to Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter Katherine since 2019.

From 2009 we have been seeing this handsome 41-year-old American actor on our screens.

First as the carefree Andy Dwayer in the Parks and Recreation series and later as the intergalactic superhero from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

In 2015, he was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by the Times.

So this and the controversial Tweets about him over the weekend made us wonder what we don't know about Chris Pratt?

1.He was discovered in 2000. 

This is what he looked like whe he got a secondary role in Cursed 3

Like many actors, Pratt was discovered by chance.

While working at Bubba Shrimp's restaurant, director Rae Dawn Chong was impressed with him and signed on for the movie Cursed 3 in 2000.

2. The actor was homeless for a while.

Here the actor is not only showing his van but also holding his first movie script

When he finally decided that to pursue acting, went to Maui to audition to see if he could land a leading role.

While trying his luck and on a very small budget, the Passengers actor was forced to sleep in his van or in a tent on the beach.

Luckily years later he began to earn some millions and could buy a humble $3 million little house in L.A.

3. An old video proves the guy is a visionary. 

While starring NBC's Parks and Recreation the Star-Lord shoot a funny video in which he pretended to read a message from Steven Spielberg offering a role in Jurassic Park.

OMG, it became real a few years later.

4. Also wanted by the law. 

Chris Pratt

Although he has a reputation as a good boy, like everyone else at some point Chris had a run-in with the law.

 The actor even had a warren for arrest!

What did he do? Just couldn't afford to pay a fine that was imposed on him.

Surely from his van home years.

5. His nickname will surprise you. 

Chris Pratt's highschool yearbook

Unlike many actors, the 41-year-old heartthrob was very popular in school.

Apparently, he was a funny guy to be around and so classmates decided to call him Monkey boy.

Some people still call the actor that way.

God, I feel Chris and I friends now, don't you?

Wish we were more than that though.

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