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5 things you didn't know about Chris Evans

The famous actor has been in the public eye these past few days for some pictures he uploaded to his Instagram stories by mistake. We all know and love Chris Evans for his role in Captain America and because he is a sweetheart. But there are still a lot of things we don't know about him. Scroll down to find out more!  

  • The Avenger has a net worth of $80 million
  • He is 39 years old and stands at 5ft. 11 in from the floor.
  •  Chris Evans has played 39 roles so far and his biggest hit was joining the Marvel Universe playing Captain America.  

Acclaimed Hollywood actor Chris Evans reached the peak of fame when he joined the Avengers franchise in 2011 with the first Captain America movie.

However, this wonderful actor, director and producer has been on our screens for more than 20 years.

We've seen him in roles as the human torch in The Fantastic 4, 2005.

Fantastic 4 poster, 2005.

Chris Evans is nevertheless a very reserved person with his private life and though we fell like we know him there are many things to discover about him.

Check out these 5 fun facts about the actor.

Chris Evans and Sandra Bullock at a Vanity Fair party.

1. He had a big crush on Sandra Bullock when he was a kid.

The famous actress was the best paid female in Hollywood between 2011 and 2014. She broke many hearts at that time and the actor's was one of them.

2. Chris enjoys reading self-help books a lot.

He's said many times that he goes to therapy just because he likes reflecting on himself and feels that is really important to self awareness.

Evans spotted by a fan in Disneyland.

3. The actor is a huge Disney fan. Since he was a child he enjoyed Disney movies such as The Little Mermaid and even revealed in an interview that he knows all the lyrics by heart.

Besides, he has been spotted visiting Disney World many times.

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans in a private interview they did together for Variety.

4. Scarlett Johanson went to school with him. They're both Avengers and have worked together in other movies.

We've known that these two famous actors are friends but finding out that they went to same acting school was a surprise.

5. His father is a dentist. No wonder he has such a charming smile.

Here's an extra fact. He appeared in Marilyn Manson's Video Tainted Love, check it out.


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