5 incredible facts about Hollywood's star Robert Downey Jr

The American actor who plays Iron Man in Marvel's universe can marvel us even more! Besides of being Robert Downey Sr's son, this outstanding star has other incredible facts in his life. Read more about him below!

  • Robert Downey Jr is 55 years old. He was born on April 4, 1965, in New York.
  • This movie's actor net worth is $300 million.
  • He made his acting debut in 1970 in his father's film 'Pound'.

1. The star's original family name was Elias. His father changed it to Downey (his stepfather's name), so he could enlist in the US Army.

Young Robert Downey Jr. Source: Getty Images

2. At the beginning of his career, he worked bussing tables at Central Falls restaurant in SOHO.

3. The actor loves the role he plays in Marvel's movies. 'My life is quiet now, but when I go to Comic-Con I feel like a God. I appreciate it and I love it,' he said in a note with Seth Meyers.

Robert Downey Jr and Sarah Jessica Parker. Source: Getty Images

4. Sarah Jessica Parker was one of his first loves. They met each other on the set of Girls Just Want to Have Fun in 1984. Their romance lasted seven years but ended up because of his drug and alcohol use. Fortunately, he recovered from that with a 12-step program that included yoga, meditation, and therapy.

5. He won a Golden Globe Award twice. Once for Best Supporting Actor for his role in 'Ally McBeal' in 2000 and another for Best Actor for his portrayal of 'Sherlock Holmes' in 2009.

Robert is definitely a great actor. Although he had some dark moments in his career, he found the way of making things better and we admire him for that! Did you know all these incredible facts about him?

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