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5 fun facts about Dakota Johnson

She has appeared alongside her famous parents Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson since she was a child. I even won a Miss Golden Globe just for being the daughter of a celebrity in 2006. The little girl became a woman and an actress. Today he is going his own way, and he is doing very well. Worldwide known for her roles, not so much for her private life.

  • Dakota Mayi Johnson was born 30 years ago in Austin, Texas.
  • Mother actress Melanie Griffith and father actor Don Johnson ended their relationship in 1996 but remain good friends.
  • From her career as model and actress, Dakota has grossed an estimated net north of $14 million.
  • She is 5ft 7in tall.

We met her when she was 10 years old on the 1999 comedy Crazy in Alabama.

She belongs to Hollywood royalty, daughter of two superstars Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson.

The beautiful former model rose to fame with 50 Shades of Gray.

Anastasia Steel and Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Gray.

Throughout her career she has chosen very diverse projects.

After 10 years in the industry we can say that the How to be Single actress is a versatile and enthusiastic actress.

She's not very active on social media. 

Although her family has always been in the spotlight, there are many things we do not know about her.

Here are 5 things you did not know about Dakota Johnson.

Dakote Johnson with her natural hair color.

1. She is a natural blonde. We met her as a stunning brunette, but she isn't. As her mother, the actress Melanie Griffith, Dakota is a blonde haired young woman.

The cover of a newspaper with the news of Dakota's substance abuse problems.

2. The 30-year-old actress overcame addiction. As a teenager, her parents sent her to rehab for substance abuse. The 50 Shades of Grey actress has been sober since 2007.

Dakota Johnson modelling for Tatler Magazine.

3. Before acting, she chose modelling. Dakota Johnson started off as a model. It was a short career though, just some modelling gigs. Soon, she realized that acting was what she really wanted.

The actress dancing in the film Suspiria.

4. Dancing is one of her talents. We've seen the actress dance in Suspiria. In case you were wondering, she actually dances in the movie. The High Note actress studied ballet until she was 14 years old.

Dakota Johnson recently got a matching tatoo with her boyfriend Chris Martin.

5. Dakota Johnson loves tattoos. But we didn't see any in 50 Shades. No, they were covered for the movie. But she loves tattoos and has many. The actress revealed in an interview that she regrets some of them.

But, don't we all?

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