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5 cool things you didn't know about actor Ryan Reynolds

The Canadian-born actor has been entertaining his millions of fans for decades. He started out as a teenage and has been in many Hollywood romantic comedies. However, there are many things that we're sure you do not know about him. Read on to learn more about the Deadpool actor

  • Ryan Rodney Reynolds was born 43 years ago in Vancouver, Canada.
  • He's been married to fellow actress Blake Lively since 2012. They share Three beautiful children.
  • Throughout his career the actor of The Proposal has grossed an estimated net worth of $150 million.


We know a lot about the 43-year-old Canadian actor.

He's married to the beautiful actress Blake Lively, known for her role in Gossip Girl since 2012. They both have three beautiful children and during the pandemic they have stood out for their altruistic gestures with those in need.

However, we bet these 5 things we have chosen about the Marvel antihero are a surprise to you. Check them out!

He played Billy in Fifteen

1. He started out as a soap opera actor. The 43-year-old actor starred in the Canadian teen soap opera "Fifteen" form 1991 to 1993. Reynolds also played witch Sabrina's love interest in the TV movie of the same name in 1993.

Behind the scene of Green Lantern. The actor met his future wife Blake Lively on that movie set.

2. Green Lantern helped him overcome flying fear. This fact is fascinating and it's connected with the next one. It all started when he had a terrible skydiving experience back in his teen ages. The first parachute didn't deploy and sent him free-falling to the ground! Obviously the second one did, thank god!

3. The actor of The Proposal owns a Gin brand called Aviation. How funny is that? Apparently his fear of flying vanished with all the scenes the actor had to shoot in Green Lantern. Now Ryan has stakes in the millionaire Aviation American Gin which he promotes a lot on Instagram.

4.Alanis Morissette wrote a song about him. Before meeting actress Blake Lively, the actor of the upcoming movie Free Guy had a 9-year-long relationship with the also Canadian singer Alanis Morissette. After they called it quits in 2007 she wrote the song Torch inspired by the break up. You have to listen to it!

The family together celebrating Reynols' star in Hollywood's walk of fame.

5. He failed drama class at school. Fellow actor Hugh Jackman joked about it when Reynolds received a star in Hollywood's walk of fame. Persevere and you will succeed is the message here!

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