3 things you didn't know about Leonardo DiCaprio

3 things you didn't know about Leonardo DiCaprio

This incredible actor has been in the film industry for more than 3 decades. He has melted the hearts of millions of fans around the world. We all know this Hollywood superstar but there are still things to discover about him. Keep reading to find out more about Leo

  • Leonardo DiCaprio was born 45 years ago in Los Angeles, California.
  • The actor has a net worth of$260 million.
  • He won an Oscar for his role in The Revenant.


The 45-year-old actor is an unstoppable activist for climate change.

We saw him on Titanic as the gallant Jack Dawson, we saw him run on Catch Me if You Can and win an Oscar with The Revenant.

We know a lot about him, but we're sure you did not know these three things about Leo.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his mother on the red carpet.

1. His German mother named him after Leonardo da Vinci but, do you know why?

Because when the actor of The Wolf of Wall Street kicked her for the first time, she was gazing at one of the artist's paintings. So revealing!

Some of DiCaprio's many faces.

2. Looks like Leonardo DiCaprio is the highest paid actor to never acted in a sequel. Apparently  he doesn't like playing the same role twice.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro on This Boy's Life in 1993

3. He was chosen by the one and only Robert De Niro over hundreds of young boys who auditioned to be in the movie This Boy's Life in 1993. 

Here's an extra fact. His movie debut was in Critters 3 in 1991.

Did you know all these things?


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