3 celebrities that cheated their wives with the nanny

Celebrities' lives amuse the audience. However, they are people and when they have children they must take care of them. Of course, with busy schedules it gets harder and sometimes it requires help. Bringing a stranger home to take care of your children is not an easy task. It must be someone you trust to be able to leave her with your blessings and with your husband! Keep reading to find out more!  

  • Many Hollywood couples are loved by the audience and people would want them to be together for ever.
  • The truth is that, as mortals, they screw up and things can get complicated.
  • Being rich and famous means than many people want you, that can  make fidelity a little difficult.

These three celebrity couples we're gonna show, made us believe in true love and that had given us hope. Unfortunately the temptation is always around the corner. Or in this case, next room.

There's something about babysitters that seems to drive men crazy. Perhaps it is the fact of seeing them acting as mother of their children but with a different body.

Check out these three celebrities who cheated on their partners with the babysitter.

Jude Law and young Sienna Miller together

1- Jude Law.
 The famous British actor met Sienna Miller filming Alfie, in 2003. Jude had three kids from his previous marriage and a very busy schedule. Daisy Wright arrived to babysit. Law has a seductive nature and couldn't resist the temptation with the pretty babysitter. He apologized, and she forgave him but trust was broken for good.

Ethan Hawke at a red carpet with former nanny and current wife Ryan Schawhughes

2-Ethan Hawke. 
Uma Thurman and the actor met in 1997,  got married and had two children. Both were very successful and busy, so they hired a nanny.

There were rumors of infidelity on the part of the actor with babysitter Ryan Shawhughes.  He denied everything but ...

The thing is that a couple of years after his mysterious separation from Uma, the actor began a relationship with the controversial nanny.

Now they are together and have two children. Suspicious!

The former couple together at the Oscar's

3-Ben Affleck.
 Award-winning actor and successful actress Jennifer Garner were one of Hollywood's most beloved couples.

They also met on set, specifically Pearl Harbor in 2001. Four years later they got married and had children.

Once again the babysitter came through the door and the husband went out the window.

Rumors and speculations came true when the actor of Batman was seen in a private flight with a friend and Christine Ouzorian, the nanny. Ouch!

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