Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas in James Bond

3 facts about the new Bond girl actress Ana de Armas

A new star is born on the Hollywood skyline! Meet the outstanding actress Ana de Armas, soon to be seen in theaters as Bond Girl Paloma. Who is this girl? I promise if you keep reading she will be your new favorite movie star. 

  • Ana’s breakthrough movie was “Blade Runner 2049.”
  • Did you know she was born in Cuba in 1988? She is now 32 years old.
  • James Bond leading actor Daniel Craig is a big fan of her.
  • Her net worth is $5 million.

Bond film producers were mesmerized by her role as the holographic AI girlfriend of Ryan Gosling in “Blade Runner 2049”. So they chose her as the perfect new Bond Girl in the upcoming movie “No Time to Die.”

A super young Ana de Armas in Cuba

1) She was determined to be an actress since she was a child. Ana studied theater in her hometown Havana. Her grandparents are Spanish. She moved to Madrid when she was a teenager. She became popular on Spanish TV. 

Only three years ago she decided to follow her dreams and moved to Los Angeles to launch her Hollywood career. Her first role was in a film with Keanu Reeves, even though she didn’t speak a word in English at the time. 

2) Did you know that Ana is the first Latin American actress to play Marilyn Monroe in the Netflix biopic “Blonde”?

Ana as Marilyn Monroe. What do you think? Looks pretty good right? Source: Alamy

Watch out for Ana in “Deep Water” co-starring Ben Affleck directed by “Fatal Attraction” filmmaker Adrian Lyne.

Not only is she a beautiful face, but she is also an amazing actress.

Bond co-star Daniel Craig said, “She’s just a really good actress, there’s not much more to it.”

3) Ana received a Golden Globe best actress nomination for her wonderful leading role in “Knives Out.” She met Daniel Craig on the set of this mystery murder film. Do you think she knew that she would end up as a Bond Girl?

We love her perseverance! What an incredible journey to superstardom. Nothing seems to stop her meteoric rise!

Extra fact: her boyfriend is actor Ben Affleck

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