3 astonishing facts about Disney blockbuster Mulan

What’s your favourite Disney movie from your childhood? If the answer is “Mulan” We can promise you that you’re going to be jumping with joy at the news that we have here for you at Yaay! Read on for the low down on this fabulous movie.

  • “Mulan” was originally an animated movie released in 1998. Silver-tongued Eddie Murphy voiced sidekick character Mushu.  
  • It was one of the most elaborate animations of Disney Studios. It took five years to make and the magical talents of 700 artists, animators and technicians.
  • The remake is the second movie based on a real life, inspired by an ancient Chinese legend about a mythical woman warrior.

The adorable Chinese Disney princess is top of our all time list and she’s on a thrilling mission to save her father and become one of China’s most amazing heroines.

“Mulan’s” $200 million big budget production is the most ambitious bet for a Disney live action movie. The studio researched arduously, digging deeply into Chinese cultural traditions to ensure the movie’s setting was totally authentic.

Liu Yifei Mullan's leading actress - Source: Shutterstock

The 2020 remake of “Mulan” features an A-list cast of film stars, including popular Chinese-American actress Liu Yifei as the leading character, critically acclaimed Asian celebrity Gong Li and veteran martial arts performer Jet Li, who plays the emperor.

Not only does the movie feature a woman as the heroine.  Versatile New Zealand director Niko Caro gives that all-important female view behind the camera. The “Whale Rider” director has the privilege to join the ranks of women filmmakers who have worked on big budget movies, like Kathryn Bigelow, Ava DuVernay and Patty Jenkins.

These visionary bunch have all made features with a budget over a $100 million. Let’s hope this will be a new shift for the whole entertainment industry to rely the power to the women.

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