Harry Styles and Lady Gaga.

3 Musicians that ended up acting in Hollywood!

Singers have won countless awards and earned millions of dollars in the music world. But, many stars aren't willing to limit their talents to just singing. Musicians like Jennifer Lopez, Harry Styles and Lady Gaga have proved equally successful as actors. Read below to find out more!

  • The American rapper Ice-T, who now plays the most iconic cop role on the television series "Law and Order" is an example of 'expanding their talents'.
  • Celebrities nowadays are not afraid to pursue different career paths. 
  • The fan base from their music career plays an important role of support when they opt for another career choice.
  • Check out the video below!

The English singer, Harry Styles' self-titled debut album topped the charts in many countries. The 26-year-old artist's second album, 'Fine Line', broke the record as the biggest sales debut from an English male artist in The United States. 

Styles made his acting debut in Christopher Nolan's war film 'Dunkirk', in 2017. The movie stormed the box office with an earning of $50.5 million. Fans were blown away by his stellar performance. We're glad that he's warming up to new career paths. 

Jennifer Lopez was a dancer long before she stepped into the music world. The 51-year-old artist's debut single, "If You Had My Love", was released in May 1999. She became the first female artist to top the Billboard charts in The United States. 

Lopez's first feature film was 'My Family', which had an earning of $11.1 million. From there, she expertly continued both the career paths. Alongside her acting, she released over 27 top-charting albums. The diva now has an estimated net worth of $400 million.

After more than a decade of topping the charts, Lady Gaga set foot in the acting world. The Grammy Award-winner made her film debut in 2018 with Bradley Cooper’s film "A Star Is Born". Her co-starring performance earned the 34-year-old actress multiple award nominations. It also introduced the world to what may be the best new singer-turned-actor in years.
The Grammy Award-winner, Lady Gaga! Source: time.com

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