3 Hollywood actors that started a singing career!

We have watched talented artists like Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Duff and Ryan Gosling reach mega-star success in the acting world. But that wasn't enough. These movie stars-turned-musicians moved from the silver screen to the stage. Read below to find out more!

  • Changing career paths has become normal in the Hollywood industry. 
  • Actors have been experimenting in the singing field. Some became successful, while others kept it going on the side.
  • Their fans have been supporting the artists to opt for any career choice. 
  • Check out the video below!

Aside from being everyone's man crush, Ryan Gosling is a spectacular actor and musician. His music career is a recent development, but, people may know him as 'Noah' from the movie 'The Notebook'.

Gosling loves to sing and is very passionate about his talents. The 39-year-old artist decided to try his hand at music with his project, Dead Man’s Bones. It was surprisingly a success. 

Scarlett Johansson, widely known as 'Black Widow' is a phenomenal actress. Her movies have earned over $14.3 billion worldwide. 

The Avengers star is known for her sultry voice. She proved that she's got a voice of an angel in her latest song, 'Set it All Free'. The 32-year-old star also collaborated with the American songwriter, Pete Yorn and released an album called, 'Break Up'. The overwhelming response she got from her fans helped her to continue in this field.

Hilary Duff is surprisingly good at moving from one field to another. The 32-year-old actress first came to prominence in music after releasing her first studio album, 'Santa Claus Lane' in 2002. The album was a massive hit. 

Hilary won 'Best new International artist of the Year' award after the release of her fifth album, 'Breathe in Breathe out'. Her success in the entertainment industry has led the actress to try out different frields.

Hilary Duff! Source: refinery29.com

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