Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa

Sylvester Stallone reveals his secret: real life knockout

A new secret has been leaked by the star himself: Life imitated art when Stallone ended up in hospital after being floored by a punch from co-star Dolph Lundgen during the filming of “Rocky IV”. Did you know that Sly risked his life in the boxing ring?

  • Stallone wrote the first draft of Rocky in three days and he was down to his last $100.
  • The movie series has earned more than $1.7 billion worldwide. The film won 3 Oscars, including best picture, best director and best film editing.
  • Rocky theme tune “Gonna Fly Now” topped the Billboard charts in 1977. It ranked 58th in the American Film Institute poll 100 Years 100 Songs list.

Actor, director and scriptwriter Sylvester Stallone lived the American dream through his own life. He was the typical struggling actor going to audition after audition, being rejected all the time. That is, until he got a spectacular offer for Rocky Balboa’s story.

The producers wanted famous names, such as James Caan, Ryan O’Neal or Burt Reynolds to play the role of Rocky. However, Sly was determined to be the leading character. He took a wage cut to fulfil his biggest dream to play the iconic leading role. And the rest is history.

The Hollywood action star revealed that most of his fights were real. In Rocky IV he had the silly idea to ask Dolph Lundgren to hit him as hard as he could. You have to remember that in those days they were no CGI tricks and no doubles. 

The knockout in the scene that made you almost jump from the edge of your seat at the cinema was in fact as authentic as watching one of Mohamed Ali’s legendary bouts. Stallone couldn’t believe that he was taken away from the set in a helicopter to the emergency room, and ended up in intensive care because his heart almost stopped.

Silvester Stallone in Rocky IV - Source: Twitter

The moral of Rocky is one that we can all learn from. Life has its up and downs but if you rise up to the challenge success will come.

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