Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky in Australia. Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky in Australia.

Discover why Thor Love and Thunder will be shot in Australia

The Australian actor revealed who is behind the express request to shoot Thor in Australia again. The film will hopefully be released in 2022 and filming is about to begin. Keep reading for more details.  

  • Christopher Hemsworth was born in Australia 37 years ago.
  • He has played 26 roles so far on the big screen and co produced the movie Extraction released this year.
  • The famous actor has a net worth of $130 million.
  • Avengers was the first movie the actor appeared in as Thor in 2012.


The world is eager to see the god of thunder again.

Especially for the return of Natalie Portman to the franchise.

Thor Love and Thunder poster.

In addition, we have been told that the actress who plays young Jane Foster, could hold and keep Thor's hammer.

Marvel superhero movie Thor Ragnarök was filmed in New Wales, Australia.

Curiously, this new installment will also be shot near Hemsworth's house.

Apparently this is not by chance but the express request and condition of his wife Elsa Pataky.

The couple is always sharing their love with the fans.

With the pandemic, the former Spanish model fears that her beloved husband will be trapped far from home without being able to return for months.

They both share three beautiful children and an enviable family life.

Of course being close to each other is the secret to keeping the flame burning.

We'll still have to wait for the return of the god of thunder.

Meanwhile, we'll settle for the mortal behind the character.

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