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Your protection against cancer depends on this vitamin

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the world. There are ways to avoid it and to reduce the harmful effects. For sickness prevention, our diet comes into play. Watch this video to better understand the topic.

What is vitamin D for?
It is a special nutrient for bones, which helps them absorb the necessary calcium. The lack of vitamin can generate osteoporosis.
How to get vitamin D?
Vitamin D is found in fish like tuna and salmon and in foods like cheese, eggs and mushrooms. In the United States it's sometimes also added as an additive to milk. Exposing yourself to sunlight helps also, in the right measures, since over exposure can develop in skin cancer.

Conclusion: Vitamin D helps our bones and our immune system, by influencing T cells and monocytes (types of cells), fundamental in fighting the disease.

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