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Women with belly fat have higher risk of dementia

Dementia is a major health challenge these days. A study shows adults with belly fat are more likely to suffer dementia within the next decade or two. Women are the most vulnerable ones. Women with above average belly fat have a 39% higher risk of suffering dementia. The risk for both men and women over 50 is 28%. Calculations are based on body mass index and the circumference of the waist.

By  Bruno Wahrmann
  • Researchers came to these findings after having followed more than 18,000 subjects for 11 years and having measured their waist size, height and weight. After the 11-year period they checked up on them to see if they had been diagnosed with dementia.
  • The study links larger waist sizes with increased risk of dementia especially in women. The head of the Alzheimer's Prevention Clinic, Dr. Richard Isaacson says "the memory center of the brain gets smaller" as belly size gets bigger.
Older women with above average belly fat are more likely than men to suffer dementia

One of the reasons dementia could be linked to obesity is the fact that the illness is related to hormones that derive from fat cells. In other words, body fat could affect vascular pathways that are associated with brain lesions.

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