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Why painting is the ultimate stress-free activity

Paint. Not in your computer, but on a canvas. No matter if you don't have any talent. The art of painting has been the hobby and job for many throughout history. There are some major health benefits associate with this activity that you should know, and we show you in the following video.

  • There are tons of painting ideas you can do depending on what you like. 
  • There is a trend that’s called painting with a twist where you go and you can zip wine and enjoy two hours of fun while painting.
  • You can also paint with different house materials like a hair dryer.
  • Body painting has also become really popular in the last decade.

1. Concentration. Focusing on every line, every shape and color will make you more efficient at your normal work and your daily activities

2. Creativity. You will develop your artistic side, your left side of the brain, made for more creative and subjective activities. This will help you boost your ideas in your everyday life

3. Relaxing. There is something any activity like building a puzzle that takes time and effort that will clear your mind after a stressful day

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