Why is the vaping smoking trend disappearing?

Hundreds of vaping related illnesses cases across the US started killing vaping popularity. In this video we tell you the heart-breaking story of a healthy 17-year old teenager that suffered serious consequences

  • After one of the most controversial cases, where a totally healthy 17-year-old boy appeared with his lungs totally blocked, the world said enough.
  • Vaping appeared as a new alternative trend to cigarettes, which was successful mainly in young teens. At first, the oil used for burning in electronic devices seemed harmless. However, after some time doctors realized the damage it was doing to young people's health.
  • Young Texan Tryston Zohfeld was left fighting for his life after his lungs suddenly failed.
Texan Tryston Zohfeld in hospital. Source: Gofundme

Bruno Wahrmann Lockhart

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